Kinky Boots UK Tour


What critics have said about the show in London

4 Stars
"A glorious high-kicking romp"
5 Stars
"Hilarious, heartwarming and a hell of a lot of fun"
4 Stars
"Dazzling, fabulously sassy and uplifting"
4 Stars
"An absolute hoot of a show"
4 Stars
"The thigh's the limit for
Cyndi Lauper's kinky kick-ass show"
4 Stars
"There's no business like shoe-business"
"Unrelenting rapture,
enough energy to light a continent"
4 Stars
"Those boots are made for walking,
talking, singing, flouncing and wearing well above the kneecap"
"The freshest, most fabulous,
feel-good musical of the decade"
5 Stars
"Everybody say YEAH
- a musical with heaps of heart, irresistible style,
killer songs and a sensational cast"